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Hip Pain and Physiotherapy

People with all sorts of activity levels experience some form of hip pain in their life time. Athletes are the most vulnerable to hip injuries since they exert more force in their hips, as well as shoulders and knees. Others also experience hip pain due to age, arthritis and Trochanteric bursitis.

With all these injuries and age-related issues, applying a topical pain relief may not be enough and certainly not a solution. Hip pain needs to be assessed by a professional who can treat underlying issues and prevent further hip damage.

What Causes Hip Pain?

The hip joint, the largest ball and socket joint in the body, fits perfectly, allowing for stable movements. Although it’s greatly durable, it can become damaged with repeated motion, wear and tear and of course injuries. Through a series of movements and heavy activities, the hip tendons and muscles become overused, resulting in the discomfort felt in the hip. Sometimes, the pain is not just caused by tears in the muscles but by other issues such as

Arthritis– This is the most common cause of hip pain. It refers to the inflammation of the joints, sometimes caused by underlying immune system problems, lupus and abnormal metabolism. Arthritis affects adults ages 60 and above, but can also affect people of all ages, including children.
Trochanteric Bursitis- It is more specific inflammation of the bursa or the small cushioning sack countering the friction of joints. Trochanteric Bursitis is caused by a group of muscles and tendons that may be rubbing the bursa, which causes the friction against the thigh bone.

Symptoms of Hip bursitis

1. Reduced range of motion caused by discomfort in the groin, thigh and knee
2. Pain when lying on affected side
3. Limping
4. Weak legs and unable to walk
5. legs giving away

How Physiotherapy Helps

Consulting a physiotherapist is the best thing to do when it comes to hip pain symptoms before it becoming intolerable. Physiotherapy promotes faster and optimal recovery by repairing the affected tissues, with a series of exercises meant to relieve pain, strengthen muscles and treat affected body parts. It improves the functions of the hip caused by injuries and other ailments. With a proper diagnosis, you can ensure an effective recovery plan to get back on track in no time.
Some of the advanced treatment available at My Physio Capalaba.
Dry needling
• Combination therapy
• Short wave diathermy
• Hip stabilizing exercises
• Wunda (Pilates) chair exercises
• Soft tissue release.

If you are experiencing hip pain do not hesitate to get checked out by My Physio Capalaba ,with proper diagnosis, care and continued exercises, you can easily recover and get back to your activities that you love the most.