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Are you suffering from pain in the neck?

What is Neck pain?

Neck pain is a common complaint among us frеԛuеntlу caused bу joint оr muѕсulаr dуѕfunсtіоn in thе nесk, рооr posture, emotional tеnѕіоn or a combination оf these factors. 

My physio Capalaba has a particular interest in treating neck pain and well experienced in this area so you will be in the best hands. We provide a holistic approach involving hands-on techniques to treat the source of pain, followed by implementing a rehabilitation exercise program to restore your body and spine back to its optimal function. 

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by a range of different structures within the spine, but the two most common structures that cause neck pain are the discs and the facet joints. 

When these structures are affected by any of the above reasons, they cause the surrounding muscles and ligaments to become tight in order to protect any further damage. This process, in turn, causes even more discomfort and pain within the area.

Common Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain is one of the most commonly treated conditions in our clinic. Conditions range from acute neck pain, headaches and pain radiating down from the neck to the arm. These conditions often gove you the following symptoms

· Sharp neck pain

· Tight muscles that restrict neck movement

· Pain at the base of the neck

· Headaches or migraines

 How My Physio Capalaba Can Help?

To effectively treat the neck pain, we must first identify the source causing the neck pain once we have thoroughly assessed you and identified the source or source. At this point in time, we will discuss your treatment plan to achieve maximum pain relief with realistic goals. 

Some of the conditions treated at my physio 

  •  Degenerative Disc Disease
  •  Bulging Disc
  •  Muscular aches and pains 
  •  TMJ Dysfunction
  •  Headaches
  •  Whiplash
  •  Osteoarthritis
  •  Facet Dysfunction


My Physio Capalaba can provide a range of treatments to manage your back pain, including manipulation, mobilisation, spinal decompression, remedial massage, stretching, dry-needling, and taping. The core focus of our treatment plan is to provide long term solutions, so postural re-education and specific rehabilitation exercises form an important component of our treatment.

Call 3390 1616, to talk to one of our friendly staff who can assist your queries.