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Physio for Wrist & Hand Pain

Do you suffer from Wrist pain or stiffness?  Do you find these problems interfering with your everyday life? 

Wrist pain


Wrist pain is discomfort/pain felt in the wrist region, often caused by repetitive usage and arthritis. So many factors can contribute to wrist pain. At my Physio Capalaba, we can find the exact cause and advise an effective treatment plan to promote healing and return to pre-injury levels.

  What causes wrist pain?                           

  • Repetitive Strains
  • Arthritis
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Ligament Instability
  • Post fracture stiffness

Symptoms associated with wrist pain

  • swollen fingers
  • numbness or tingling sensation in the hands
  • pain, numbness, or tingling that gets worse at night
  • sudden, sharp pain in the hand
  • Dropping objects due to weak grip


How My Physio can help

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment for wrist injuries. At my Physio, we will assess your condition thoroughly and create an individual treatment program to promote healing and return to pre-injury levels.

Some of the treatments available at My Physio Capalaba include:

Therapeutic Wax bath

Neural Stretching (Nerve Gliding)

Soft tissue release
Splint / support prescription
Dry needling
Ultrasound massage
Tailored exercise program

See what our patients have to say about us on google review:

Jack E

"Has unique instruments/contraptions which worked well. For example, I got a wax bath, which was used on my recently operated wrist, and that really helped to untighten/loosen it up. I'm pretty grateful for it. Good service"


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