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Pilates Reformer

Conveniently located at our Capalaba clinic, My Physio provides professional pilates services that will teach you to achieve maximum physical fitness without out any expensive equipment - the only tool you’ll need is your body. You’ll learn to work your body as a complete unit, developing the core strength and stability you need to feel in perfect shape. We offer a variety of options for each pilates workout, so that you get a safe, effective workout that suits you perfectly.

Benefits of Pilates

 Increase stability and core strength
 Prevent strains and injuriesPilates reformer at My Physio
 Back care rehabilitation
 Improved posture
 Feeling more aligned, connected
 Enhanced physical ability, increased sports performance

My Physio and Wellness Centre has a specialist Pilates studio in Capalaba run by an experienced musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, passionate about using Pilates for rehabilitation and develop optimum functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

As Joseph Pilates famously said “It’s the mind itself shapes the body”

Control is everything when it comes to Pilates. Less is more in Pilates as we commence the client on an exercises that is deliberately requiring that they engage and use their core stabiliser but the springs are set in way that they can perform the exercises without falling or collapsing. When they are improving we often lighten the spring resistance to increase the instability thus demanding they use their core stabiliser even more.

My Pilates Studio offers a range of Pilates workouts as demanded by their sports or activity. We incorporate real time ultrasound, dry needling techniques and pelvic floor retraining in to our Pilates sessions. This enables us to optimise the client’s ability to retrain their core muscles and to achieve best possible outcome.

Our Studio is fully equipped, air conditioned spaces offering a range of individual sessions. Our Pilates studio has reformers, trapeze tables, a wunda chair, balls, bands, pilates circles and weights.

Our Clinical Pilates sessions are run by Pilates-trained Physiotherapist and include individualized programs, these sessions are normally claimable under Private Health Rebates.

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