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Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS)

Real time ultrasound is an imaging technique which allows visualisation of muscle contractions while the body at it’s rest or during an activity. At My Physio Capalaba, we use RTUS to facilitate you and your therapist to view the muscles on the screen as they contract in real time, which helps your therapist to prescribe specific exs for faster recovery.

At My Physio we use state of art RTUS in visualising the layers of muscle in your abdomen (core muscles) Specifically, we use the machine to observe the quality, pattern of activation and ability to contract in isolation the deepest of your abdominal muscles, the Transversus Abdominus.The deepest layers of your muscle system are often difficult to see, feel and therefore activate. RTU provides visual feedback for you, the client, to isolate and develop awareness of these deeper muscles.

At My Physio we also use RTUS as a screening tool prior to exercise prescription and Pilates sessions. Our therapist is trained in use of Real Time Ultrasound to view suspected muscle or tendon tears , tendinitis and bursitis not just the TrA .

We also have the capacity to save each patient to the system – freeze and save views. This acts well as a measurement tool and also showing the patient how they have improved over time.

What are the Benefits of RTUS?

 Provides visual feedback to the patients regarding muscles activation
 Helps in analysing correct measures of musculoskeletal system
 Accurate assessment and timing of muscle contractions.


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