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Residential Care Services

It’s a fact- more and more Australians are living longer lives, and as a result there are increasing numbers of older people living in residential care when they no longer feel able to take care of themselves. However, with just a simple exercise program and effective physiotherapy, virtually anyone can enjoy a high level of flexibility, strength, and general physical fitness into the golden years of their lives.

Here at My Physio Capalaba, we work with a number of local residential care homes to provide treatment for their residents. Our highly qualified and trained physiotherapists are able to effectively treat and manage some of the most common physical limitations associated with aging, allow people to retain their fitness. We provide an important component of care in such residential facilities, keeping residents in the best physical condition and allowing at-risk older people to still take an active role in their communities. We offer rehabilitation and restorative care that can help to overcome many of the negative consequences of getting older. It’s widely acknowledged that physiotherapy can help older Australians to keep enjoying life, and we’re dedicated to providing this treatment to everyone.

Our physiotherapists are experienced with managing many common conditions seen in nursing homes, including:







 OA, RA, Osteoporosis

 Musculoskeletal disorders: fractures, decreased ROM, back pain, etc.

Using our professional expertise and experience, we are able to come up with unique, individual exercise programmes that will meet the specific needs of your residents, and have them feeling fitter than ever. Some of our most popular elements of our service include:

 Strengthening exercises- to increase self-awareness and safety in the resident population
 Co-ordination and balance exercises- to improve core stability in sitting, resulting in improved standing ability
 Falls prevention
 Specific balance programs to reduce falls incidence in the elderly
 Pain management program under complex healthcare (ACFI)
 Aerobic fitness
 Care plan documentation to meet ACFI guidelines and creditation standards
 Expert advice on the management of bone health and osteoporosis
 Assess and treat dizziness, balance deficits
 Develop practical exercise routines that fit into the residents’ schedule
 Maximising independence while considering level of physical activity
 Managing painful and uncomfortable symptoms resulting from complex multi-factorial diagnoses
 Rebuilding confidence
 Providing advice on increasing mobility and falls prevention programs to staff
 Preventing the development of back injuries which can result from using unsafe moving and handling techniques through training programs
 Prescribing walking aids, footwear, supported assisting devices
 Providing expert advice and management of problems with spasticity, contractures, amputations and resident-specific deficits

We already work with a number of residential care homes in Brisbane, and will be happy to provide references upon request.

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