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Workplace Injury Solutions

Every year, thousands of Australians are injured at work. Not only does this cost employers millions of dollars, but it also loses them valuable time that could have a big impact on their business. Fortunately, though, help is at hand.

Physiotherapists have the knowledge needed to thoroughly assess your workplace for anything that could potentially cause employees harm, as well as teaching techniques such as safe lifting and proper posture that can further ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. We can even provide adaptive equipment for an extra layer of safety. It’s only natural to want to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace, and My Physio Capalaba are perfectly primed to help you with this.

We take a twofold approach to workplace injuries, focusing on both “Injury Prevention and Injury Management”

Injury Prevention

We can provide you with practical workplace solutions and support, so that your staff are all working to minimize the risk of injury in your workplace. By offering up to date training using the very latest techniques, you can rest assured that your employees all have the skills needed to stay safe. We assist you in achieving strong safety habits among your workforce by providing up to date training that will equip all your employees with

the skills and the knowledge require to prevent work place injuries.

The key elements of our injury prevention programme include developing a strong core, good posture, proper body mechanics, and overall improved muscle strength and endurance. With these techniques, all employees will be carry out their everyday work without having to worry about potential injuries.

By educating your workforce through MyPhysio, you’ll be encouraging a culture of self-awareness and responsibility for safety throughout your business. Sprains and strains, the most frequent form of workplace injury, are commonly the result of a manual handling incident. Our preventative strategies will empower your staff to care for their bodies and their muscles at work. Our manual handling training program combines education, information and practical strategies to engage participants in a hands-on setting. We always tailor our service to each company, so that your needs are met in the best possible manner.

We currently provide workplace solutions to leading organisations in Queensland such as Blue Care, and would be more than happy to help your company as well.

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Injury Management

My Physio Capalaba also specialises in Injury Management, providing treatment to the affected employees via unique onsite pain clinics at their workplace.

By providing treatment onsite, we can reduce the time needed to resolve injuries, and therefore save you money by getting employees back to work right away.

Our treatment methods draw on years of experience working in the healthcare industry, as well as specialist qualifications in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

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